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December 22, 2012
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Kindred Spirits by SilEnigmaArts Kindred Spirits by SilEnigmaArts
Kindred Spirits is a commission piece made for :iconharleys-lover: who has given me permission to show this piece in my gallery.
I have not added a story as Frank wishes to add his own story/verse to this piece and it will be posted here when it's written.
I had a tonne of fun making this piece and am just as thrilled with the end result as Frank is.
Thank you Frank once again for allowing me to create this piece for you :hug:

Exerpt of the book that Frank is writing. Please check back to his gallery for further chapters as they are written.

The young man was tired. He was tired in his soul. He had lived his life in this city. Grown up, made friends, gave his heart to a woman, had it given back…in pieces. He had rolled his eyes at his grandfather’s stories; not seen the lessons, FELT the words.“Silly old man.” He thought. "How can life without cable, laptops, cell phones, indoor plumbing… be better?”
He remembered the cold nights when he would visit maw’s paw, shivering his way to the outhouse to shit…the roughness of the corn cob. He would NEVER live like that.

He chuckled at that last remembrance. “How much I thought I knew then.” Now, he had decided that to find his soul, reclaim and rebuild the heart in his chest, he must get back to where he came from to know where he was going.

He had contacted his kin on the reservation. He had never claimed his birthright. Ignoring that side of himself he had carried his life as a civilized ethnic man in the city. It was time to shed that false skin and they agreed.

He arrived at his uncle’s house just down the road from the res. He had sold most of all he had and was. He grabs the bag and walked in.
“Uncle, how long has it been?”
“Too long, cub.” His uncle was thin, his strength hidden in his thin frame. The man who was and now was Cub again grunted at the embrace.

“I take it you are ready to start your path back to The People?”

The man-cub nodded. How he longed to remember all of grandfather’s words. It would have made this task much easier. “I am ready as I could ever be I guess. Can one be ready for the unknown?”

Uncle chuckled and nodded.
“You at least know where to begin?”

"I do. I remember enough to have a set of buckskins made to wear to the river. From there I will hike to the head of the feeder stream to the small valley. There I will open myself to the Great Spirit and pray that he will agree to send my guides.”

Uncle grunted approval and sat at the table.
“I have a gift for your beginning.”
He drew a simple buck knife from his hip. The man-cub gasp and chuckled at the same time.
“Grandfather tried to give me that on my thirteenth birthday; said I was ready to take my first step to manhood. How it must have hurt him for me to sneer and reject the gift as an old Indian relic. Thank you Uncle. I will not sneer at any gift offered to me again.”

He hefted the knife, slid it into his bag and went to

Months later, the man who was had stepped from the lodge, glistened in the morning sun with a night’s worth of sweat. He made his way to the rocky shore. The water was shockingly and refreshingly cold. He felt a twinge deep inside of him. It echoed with hollowness.

“Am I too late? Have I grown too old and jaded for The People’s ways to be sown in my calloused soul?”

He sighed. Sat on the ground and waited; and waited; and waited. He watched the sun rise and set 3 days, drinking from the lake only when moved to do so. The sun was rising on the 4th day. He stood up stiffly. He leaned down to stretch. He heard a soft and slow growl. What appeared to be a wolf just past yearling at the edge of the woods. He heard the distant screech and saw an eagle flying in from the northwest. He drew his knife in defense. Then the wolf stopped its approach. It seemed to nod its head and then stare at him, then glance up at the eagle. He felt a shiver in his soul and knew that his journey had begun.

A great big thanks to the following Stockists:

DA stocks:

Stone Ledge [link]
Dandelion Seeds [link] (used the png images)

Other stocks:
Background Scene purchased from Dreamstime -> [link]

Everything else was made by me in PaintshopPro7.

Sorry if I cannot thank every :+fav: personally, but I will respond to all comments.
Know however, that every :+fav: is a compliment and highly appreciated. Thank you!!
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So do I lol....glad you do too Pen :D :hug: Thanks HEAPISH :hug:
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Happy you like it sweety....thank you :D :hug:
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Another wonderful job!! Lovely scene!
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