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February 8, 2012
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Legend Of The Emerald Panther by SilEnigmaArts Legend Of The Emerald Panther by SilEnigmaArts
Hanging on for dear life all Chaz could do while waiting for Tom reach him was to recall Cecil's writings of his journey to this very place.
Within the cave across the chasm was a beautiful turquoise pool casting its glow lighting up the entire cave, its depth unknown. As we came upon it the guide cast a hand over the light breaking the glow that shone to the roof of the cave. As this shadow was cast a barrage of darts shot from the nearside wall puncturing his head in a hundred places as the blood oozed from his eyes, mouth and nose.

Tom had reached Chaz sure-footedly and luckily in one piece but the same couldn't be said of the rope bridge by the time they reached the other side. The weight of both men on the old worn ropes had taken its toll and Chaz had to leap the last step as they heard the snap of the rope and clatter of footholds behind them as they splashed into the waters below.

They reached the cave mentioned in Cecil's journals. True to the writings, the guide's skeleton lay, arm still outstretched as if still trying to cast his hand over the beautiful glowing pool.

Poor bastard, Chaz mumbled under his breath.

"Dont go near the pool bud, don't want you ending up like this fellow" Chaz said aloud to Tom.

The cave was just as Cecil had described it. The incredible glow from the pool casting the whole cave in its eerie hue. Another panther statue but much smaller than the two outside guarding the cave, sat above the well off left of the wall embedded with skulls. The wall that held the secret chamber of the Emerald Panther. A chamber who's content had remained hidden for many many years until discovered by Cecil some forty years ago when he uncovered a stone tablet on one of his many expeditions with vague reference to these very caves. Cecil had for the next twenty years hunted high and low for these caves, many times being sent off on wild goose chases following leads that were so vague or deliberately misleading by those who wished to protect the treasure. A treasure that was believed by many treasure hunters of the time to be just a fairytale but not for Cecil. For Cecil had made contact with the last living elder of the tribe who had befriended what was also believed to be just another legend amongst man. That legend being "Princesa das Panteras".

And now after unlocking the secret chamber just as Cecil had described it would unlock, through means that shall not be revealed furthermore in these writings, Chaz stands holding the most beautiful treasure he had ever seen. A solid flawless emerald of approximately twenty-nine pounds in weight, meticulously crafted by natives and gifted to the princess many many years ago.

"With the bridge down, it's going to be a wet trip back to the boat Chaz" said Tom bringing Chaz out of his thoughts. "We're going to have to scale down the ropes to the water and make a swim for the boat. Hopefully the current wont be too strong.
I'll get the moleskin pouch from the rucksack and lets get out of here, this place is giving me the creeps. I have a feeling we are not alone." he said as he knelt down to get the moleskin pouch from the rucksack.

"No Tom" Chaz said. "Don't worry about the moleskin, we wont be needing it."

"What just slide it in the rucksack?" Tom replied. "If the current is strong we could lose it buddy."

"We won't lose it Tom because we won't be taking it back with us. This is a treasure too precious to be revealed to the world as it is today. It has remained hidden here this long and here it shall remain forever more. It's going back in the chamber along with Cecil's diary which holds the key to unlocking this chamber.
From this day forward and forever, we will ensure that this treasure remains where it belongs and will forever remain a myth to those who hunt treasure. In locking the diary with the panther in the chamber, both you and I know for certain and without a doubt that the legend of the emerald panther now, is just that. "

"It may live on in stories but you and I now know, that it most definitely is..... the "Legend of the Emerald Panther".

Story written by me.

This is the third piece in the trilogy.

First piece
Second piece



:icondisney-stock: Cave Wall [link]
:iconnadiaismyname: Sandy Floor [link]
:iconraider-stock: Well [link]
:iconsomadjinn: Water [link]
:iconfluxmagic: Well Light [link]
:iconnemesis-19: Chaz & Tom [link] [link]
:iconpeace-of-art: Panther statue and Emerald Panther (no longer available in DA)
:iconmagneto1969-stock: Skeleton (no longer available)
:icondusteramaranth: Aztec symbols [link]
:icontinusdream: Rucksack [link]

Romiposer - Skull rock face from Dark N Dusty Back 1 Pack [link]
Romiposer - Rune Circle and back wall of secret chamber from Gold Stuff Pack [link]

A special mention goes out to :iconneverdying: for helping me with the glass effect on the emerald panther. Thank you once again Dan :D

Everything else done by me in PSP7 and using various filters.

I hope you all enjoy the "Legend of the Emerald Panther".

I cannot respond to each individual :+fav: but I will respond to all comments. Please accept my thanks for :+fav: my work, your support is truly appreciated.



The works both written and visual contained in my gallery are copyrighted and protected by Safe Creative.
My works may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission.
My works do not belong to the public domain.
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